Stephen Loeckle

Stephen Loeckle is a seasoned technology professional with 29 years of experience in numerous sectors including healthcare, government, commercial and corporate.

Stephen got his start with computers in 1979 with an IBM PC brought home by his dad who put in 40 years with IBM. After solving the IBM Adventure game, he took the lid off the massive desktop computer to figure out how it worked. Professionally, his first computer job was in 1991 as a FoxPro programmer for a PPO called Provider Networks of America. During this time, he discovered servers and networking and went that direction towards Novell and Cisco. Cisco certification came in the 90s and an interest in Internet security came shortly after. He reached the level of CTO by the age of 33 at a healthcare and federal government contractor.

Fast forward to 2012 when he took the plunge to self-employment and started Lucid Networks. After building large-scale secure networks he went into the signage business with a friend and colleague, Matt Murphy who started Ideacage. Matt sold Ideacage to Jeffrey M Consulting and started Beanstalk Predictive. Stephen then acquired Ideacage from Jeff and rolled up his technology into the new LAVA Controls product and here we are in 2020!

Paul Berry
Vice President International Development

Paul has spent 30 years in the technology industry bringing new products and solutions to global markets.

In addition to his exec roles his own business, imaginari Ltd., is focused on helping technology companies design and implement robust go to market strategy and execution, either new products, market diversification or international expansion.

Prior to this he was CEO RiT Wireless based in Tel Aviv bringing innovative laser based data communication products to market. Previously Paul was Commercial Director for Obeikan Education in Saudi Arabia, a role that followed 6 years at Promethean PLC where he undertook the roles of UK Managing Director, President EMEA and Chief Marketing Officer, the latter based in the United States.

Paul has led teams in the technology sector with Compex, Bull IS and Compel PLC. At the latter he was Executive Director & Divisional CEO of Compel’s hardware integration business as well as building CompelSolve, EMEA’s largest independent Oracle integrator.