Why LAVA Controls?

We created LAVA Controls to solve one fundamental problem in the signage industry which was the lack of true monitoring of every piece of hardware to ensure reliable and consistent delivery of content no matter the source, application, or destination.

Content delivery is nothing new but how do you know it was delivered and how do you know that it's still playing days later? We wanted to solve that core issue without someone standing in front of the screen with FaceTime or WhatsApp to see beyond a simple screenshot and we did with LAVA Controls and LiveView.

The other half of that is the concept of an intelligent media player. One that heals itself when a blank screen comes up or when content stops playing. The players will keep content running and fresh with our advanced algorithms. The system isn't going to alert you unless something is really wrong.

Global reach to your entire signage infrastructure. Call the engineers when something is really wrong, not just a screen turned off, content not playing correctly, or a player needs to be rebooted.
The Dashboard
Where you can see the health of your system in a 5-second glance
Real time monitoring of your content
Media Management
Publish content from this view. Simply drag the content onto a screen and that's it! You can also drag content onto groups of screens called tags to publish content across hundreds or thousands of screens.
Screen/Display List
Monitor and control your screens here. Is the screen turned off? Turn it on! Is it in error state? Call a technician!
Media Player List
Monitor and control your media players here, whether LAVA Boxes or supported 3rd-party media players. Are they OK? Is bad content overloading the players? Find all that information here.

LAVA Platform Features

Easy To Use
Intuitive drag and drop interface Designed quick access to everything. Optimized for touchscreens and tablets.
Centralized Control
One interface for the entire infrastructure. Available in cloud and on-premises platforms
Infinite. Control/monitor one device or display or thousands of devices and displays
LAVA Box, Linux and Windows media players supported. Monitor and control the LAVA Box media player or your own.
Proof of Play
End-to-end monitoring including LiveView. With LiveView and device and display monitoring, “proof of play” can be achieved
Self-healing agent software will resolve most problems with our and many 3rd-party media players.
Reporting and Audits
Generate reports of system-wide activity whether user accountability audits or hardware problems
Schedule display power changes, input changes, device reboots and choreograph content with playlists
Simplified Licensing
One single license for all features. No hidden fees. Easy licensing.
Peace of Mind
We believe in what we sell and offer a 3-year warranty, standard on everything.