Is a customized Intel NUC. That allows for a wired or wireless solution that integrates cleanly within the LAVA network. The LAVA Box is capable of running all common media types, image, audio, video, at an enterprise level with any configuration of monitors. An ideal player for your enterprise network solution to ensure smooth operation of your media solutions.


renders any web-based content

Anything with a URL (full HTML5 and 4K support)

  • Web pages
  • Intranet pages
  • YouTube or other hosted videos
  • Social analytics

Uploaded to the LAVA Platform

  • Videos
  • PowerPoint presentations exported as video
  • Still images

Key Features


  • Model 3  |  Intel i3  &  4GB RAM: Economical unit for retail and single display installations not requiring large amounts of cache
  • Model 5  |  Intel i5  &  16GB RAM: High powered unit best for intense HTML5, large caches and high-res video
  • Model 7  |  Intel i7  &  32GB RAM: Super-juiced unit for WebGL and other high-requirement content



  • LAN: Minimum 100Mb wired LAN connection
  • WLAN: Wireless LAN connections are not supported due to reliability and speed
  • Internet: 1.5Mb per display available bandwidth is recommended to load large visualizations, graphics and files
  • TCP/80 and TCP/443 outbound
  • No inbound ports required