It's Time To Be Different

We believe A/V and Digital Signage should be done differently. LAVA is different.

What is LAVA?

LAVA Controls is primarily a software company dedicated to the stable and reliable delivery of content no matter the format or application. We provide hardware as our software integrates with hardware directly offering self-healing media players and commercial displays. We also offer complete installation services providing clients with one vendor to make sure everything is right, from the start.

The LAVA Components


LAVA Controls is the first and only digital signage platform to truly manage and control media players, commercial displays, and video walls in one dashboard. Available in cloud and on-premise versions.

Retail, manufacturing, corporate, and government facilities are often spread around many locations and some globally. With LAVA Controls, you have access to every piece of content and hardware from a single location.


We created LAVA Box, which is an intelligent, very powerful media player with a real browser that heals itself. Available in Intel NUC format, rugged fan-less versions, and multi-vendor SOC.

Self-healing capabilities include stale content, white, or black screen detection and remediation, and hard reboot via vPRO/AMT (yeah, from the cloud platform!) via our Hive multi-player network discovery protocol.

Commercial Displays

We offer complete solutions for those who don't have screens or need a technology refresh. These are not your every day consumer displays. These are the solid workhorses of our industry that come with unparalleled intelligence and durability. Every display we sell comes with a standard 3-year warranty, upgradable to 5.


At LAVA, we have installation teams on 4 continents serving North and South America, Europe, and Asia. We can provide a complete solution. Don't want to search for 5 vendors, one for each component? Tired of finger pointing between vendors? Don't know who to contact when you need help? With LAVA, you have one point of contact from design and installation to support.

LAVA Platform Features

Easy To Use
Intuitive drag and drop interface Designed quick access to everything. Optimized for touchscreens and tablets.
Centralized Control
One interface for the entire infrastructure. Available in cloud and on-premises platforms
Infinite. Control/monitor one device or display or thousands of devices and displays
LAVA Box, Linux and Windows media players supported. Monitor and control the LAVA Box media player or your own.
Proof of Play
End-to-end monitoring including LiveView. With LiveView and device and display monitoring, “proof of play” can be achieved
Self-healing agent software will resolve most problems with our and many 3rd-party media players.
Reporting and Audits
Generate reports of system-wide activity whether user accountability audits or hardware problems
Schedule display power changes, input changes, device reboots and choreograph content with playlists
Simplified Licensing
One single license for all features. No hidden fees. Easy licensing.
Peace of Mind
We believe in what we sell and offer a 3-year warranty, standard on everything.
"From initial demo to installation/build to ongoing support, working with LAVA Controls has been a great experience. They are best in class when it comes to technical expertise/knowledge and their response time for troubleshooting any issues that come up is almost instantaneous. As an added bonus, they are very friendly and personable. I plan on working with them for a long time to come." Amy Goodnow
“For us it was not only about functionality but also about ease of use, customization and responsiveness. We knew LAVA Controls was it when it allowed for us to display dashboards that let us monitor and optimize real-time campaigns and also do live demos for our client’s business partners, becoming a marketing tool in itself.” Luis Chozas

LAVA Box Pricing

  • LAVA Box Model 3
  • $600/£450
  • Intel i3 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 250GB SSD
  • vPRO/AMT
  • LAVA Box Model 5
  • $1000/£750
  • Intel i5 Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 250GB SSD
  • vPRO/AMT
  • LAVA Box Model 7
  • $1250/£950
  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 32GB RAM
  • 250GB SSD
  • vPRO/AMT

LAVA Platform Pricing

  • 1-9
  • $240/£180
  • Full Access to Cloud
  • Content Publishing
  • Monitoring and Controls
  • LiveView
  • Reporting
  • Video Wall Functions
  • 10-99
  • $180/£132
  • Full Access to Cloud
  • Content Publishing
  • Monitoring and Controls
  • LiveView
  • Reporting
  • Video Wall Functions
  • 100-999
  • $150/£110
  • Full Access to Cloud
  • Content Publishing
  • Monitoring and Controls
  • LiveView
  • Reporting
  • Video Wall Functions
  • Notes
  • Wasn't that easy?
  • One License
  • One Platform
  • Every Feature
  • Additional Volume Licensing Available
Watch our CEO talk about LAVA Controls at Infocomm SEA in Bangkok
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