Major League Baseball

Social Media Command Center

To support their mission in promoting the passion for the game of baseball, the MLB set out to improve the way they nurture and engage with their fans in real-time on social media.
"The video wall is amazing and it will allow us to take our MLB social media to the next level." Scott Weisenthal, Senior Vice President, Creative & Content Marketing at Major League Baseball
"Thank you for all the amazing work and support, the screens look fantastic!" Dylan Colaneri, Director, Social Listening & Innovation

Major League Baseball Enhances the Fan Experience With Lava Controls

By partnering with Lava Controls to build a social media command center, MLB can be more connected to their fanbase than ever before.
Lava's Social Media Command Center display wall allows MLB to:

- Monitor multiple social media channels at once
- Watch games live side-by-side next to social channels
- Analyze data and trends
- Understand fan sentiment in real-time
- Celebrate moments together
- Respond quickly and engage with fans more personally
- Apply triage system
- Mitigate potential negatives & PR