Wells Fargo

Social Media Experience Center

The Wells Fargo Social Media Team values the importance of developing meaningful insights from real time social conversation to help elevate their internal partners knowledge & enable fast response to protect the brand in sensitive situations.
The partnership allows Wells Fargo to raise visibility of conversations surrounding their brand, present accurate real-time social data, and educate internal audiences about channel performance.
Using Lava enables us to easily deploy and display dashboards/data for partners to leverage and learn from, as well as brand related media and assets. Jennifer E Heyman, Social Media Leader: Response & Engagement at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo and Lava Controls - Working Together Since 2014

Wells Fargo began partnering with Lava Controls back in 2014 and continues to expand its partnership with Lava Controls to enhance their Social Media Experience Center across their hub locations from San Francisco to Charlotte.
Wells Fargo's Social Media Experience Center display wall allows them to:

- Monitor multiple social media channels at once
- Integrate Wells Fargo Public Affairs storytelling with projected real-time social media data
- Analyze data and trends
- Respond quickly and engage with customers more personally
- Help during an outage and/or a crisis to mitigate potential negatives & PR
- Fully control and configure their digital video wall in a way that optimizes work flows
- Project social media data during special on-site viewing events, and other real-time meetings