At LAVA, we believe you should have complete control over your digital infrastructure.

LAVA was born out of the realization that we needed more out of digital everything, without being overcomplicated. From meeting rooms to social media command centers, corporate messaging and A/V as a whole. We exist to make knowledge flow between people in the most effective ways possible.

Our History:

In 2012, Matt Murphy founded Ideacage and in the same year, Stephen Loeckle joined as CTO. They created a product that revolutionized the social media industry. This product was a SaaS content delivery system designed for social media and to keep social media command centers running 24/7.

Over the next few years, they learned from customers’ pain-points and continued to enhance the product to fit the changing needs of the industry including custom-built media players designed for social content. In 2018, Jeffery M Consulting purchased Ideacage. Matt went on to found Beanstalk Analytics. Stephen founded LAVA Controls, an A/V SaaS platform to control and monitor video walls and screens across the globe.

In 2019, Stephen reacquired Ideacage and merged the platforms, the idea and technology behind Ideacage and the new platform for LAVA Controls. Development continues to this day, always enhancing the product to solve today’s challenges. Ever developing algorithms to keep social media visualizations, and any content with a URL, alive on the screens.

With LAVA, stale content is a thing of the past. Your business depends on it.