Social Media Listening and Engagement Centers

The Digital Soul of a Brand

In an expanding digital landscape, social media command centers are the visual and spiritual expression of a brand’s mission statement. The quality and efficacy of a command center is a public demonstration of how well a brand can execute its values and tell its story. Social command centers aggregate the talents of an entire company’s staff, regardless of size, and use this synergy to lead conversations, explore customer sentiments and ideas, and work toward shared goals and vision.

By assembling a brand’s many attributes and assets in a single strategic location, command centers drive real business value that both measures the effectiveness of a brand’s response efforts in real-time, and leverages the intersection of human behavior and digital connectivity. Whether at a major sporting event or on the mobile device of an emerging influencer, the next generation of command centers will create customer loyalty through intelligent data analysis, authentic customer service interactions, and the ancient art of storytelling.
Sprinklr (2021). How Social Media Command Centers Help Brands Become Customer First

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball contacted LAVA through Sprinklr to design and build their social media command center in their headquarters in New York City. Featured with this 3x2 are LG's 55" 0.44mm bezel video wall displays for a total seam between screens of only 0.88mm.

Wells Fargo San Francisco

LAVA has worked with Wells Fargo since 2014. Wells needed a new wall at their new office on Market Street and contracted with LAVA to design and build the new wall. Featured with this 4x2 are Sonos Five speakers and LG's 55" 0.44mm bezel video wall displays for a total seam between screens of only 0.88mm.

Sprinklr New York

LAVA worked with Sprinklr to design and build their flagship customer experience center in the lobby of their headquarters in New York City. Featured with this 4x2 are Sonos Five speakers to complete the space with foreground audio during demonstrations or background music for events or everyday listening.


Microsoft hired LAVA through Jeffrey M Consulting to build this 3x2 in their Bellevue, Washington customer experience center. There is an identical 3x2 in the conference room of the same office for meetings and testing.

Darden Group

Darden Restaurants consulted with ideacage, now LAVA Controls, to assist them in building a state of the art social media command center that was accessible to the entire company. Located on the ground floor of their head quarters, The Hive, is visible to all employees and visitors highlighting their brands' success and engagement across social media.


Mubadala Investment Company hired LAVA to build the video walls in their news room in Abu Dhabi. Mubadala uses these video walls to showcase various types of content including Sprinklr Display showing investment performance on live and recorded broadcasts. The video walls are a 4x3 as shown and a 2x2 dedicated to the social team team.

Sprinklr Singapore

Sprinklr needed a stunning display in their new Singapore office showcasing their work to current and prospective clients. We installed a 2x2 55" display for this purpose.

Philip Morris

Philip Morris looked to LAVA to build several video walls, mostly on carts or trolleys, for their social teams to utilize in different spaces. This 3x3 in Lausanne, Switzerland can easily be moved from space to space. All that is required is one power and one network outlet.