See All the Data at Once
Time sensitive decisions often rely on multiple data inputs. Why limit the data to just one screen? Empower your teams with equal access to real-time information in context, so more informed decisions can be made faster.
Seamlessly Connect In-Office and Remote Employees
Now meeting participants can connect their devices and share content to one or more screens in a meeting room anytime — even if they’re working remotely.

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Display Information On-Site and Async
With the need for larger, open meeting rooms, flexible layouts and cohorting compliance, comes the need for more in-room technology to display information async and on-site.
"From initial demo to installation/build to ongoing support, working with LAVA Controls has been a great experience. They are best in class when it comes to technical expertise/knowledge and their response time for troubleshooting any issues that come up is almost instantaneous. As an added bonus, they are very friendly and personable. I plan on working with them for a long time to come."
Amy Goodnow
Amy Goodnow
"For us it was not only about functionality but also about ease of use, customization and responsiveness. We knew LAVA Controls was it when it allowed for us to display dashboards that let us monitor and optimize real-time campaigns and also do live demos for our client’s business partners, becoming a marketing tool in itself."
Luis Chozas
Luis Chozas
Multiple Screens = Multiple Points of View
Nearly every meeting requires sharing of documents, data and visuals. Give your whole team an equal chance to be heard and seen. Having multiple screen share ability allows participants to connect wirelessly and remotely and allows the workspace and conversation to grow to the needs of the team.
Make “Death by Presentation” a Thing of the Past
Today’s popular presentation tools mostly create mostly rigid and static presentations on one screen. Give presenters the ability to resize, layer and move multiple pieces of content across multiple screens to tell a dynamic story with multiple pieces of media rich content.

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