28th June, 2023 – Wells Fargo expands its partnership with Lava Controls to enhance their Social Media Experience Center at their San Francisco hub. The new Experience Center integrates Wells Fargo Public Affairs storytelling with projected real-time social media data and trends pulled from the Sprinklr platform. The collaboration between LAVA Controls and Wells Fargo began in 2014 to project social media data and help during an outage and/or a crisis.

The partnership allows Wells Fargo to raise the visibility of conversations surrounding their brand, present accurate real-time social data, and educate internal audiences about channel performance.

Throughout this collaboration, the Wells Fargo Social Media Team in San Francisco has emphasized the importance of developing meaningful insights from real-time social conversation to help elevate their internal partner’s knowledge. 

Lava Controls provides the technology and expertise that allows the Wells Fargo Social Media Team to highlight social media trends, brand storytelling, special on-site viewing events, and other real-time meetings. This has transformed the Social Media Experience Center space to become a gathering point for employees in the building to collaborate, share information and enable fast response to protect the brand in sensitive situations. It will also be an increasingly valuable source to deploy visual storytelling at the San Francisco office and allow the company to continue to test new ideas.

“We are thrilled that Wells Fargo has again trusted Lava Controls to help them enhance their Social Media Experience Center to integrate more visual stories. Our platform provides an easy way for companies like Wells Fargo to quickly gather customer insights, trends, real-time conversations while also creating meaningful connections within the company.” — Stephen Loeckle, CEO of Lava Controls

“As the value of visual stories grows, we look forward to partnering with companies in this way to foster more effective communication and meaningful relationships between businesses and customers in the future.”

To learn more about Lava Controls and their recent work, visit https://www.lavacontrols.com/social-media-listening-and-command-centers/ or to learn more about Lava Control’s work with Wells Fargo, visit https://www.lavacontrols.com/wells-fargo.

About LAVA Controls

Lava Controls is a one-stop-shop for digital videos display walls and offers a fully managed end-to-end system for marketers to learn, use and manage, with setup being a simple, stress-free process. The company is the only approved AV hardware partner that integrates with Sprinklr’s Display product offering.

Lava provides the only end-to-end self-healing digital signage solution to manage and control all your media players and digital displays remotely from any location without worrying about embarrassing on-screen errors.

The easy-to-use interface, streamlined hardware & reliability enables busy marketing teams and company leadership to manage their company messaging with a simple and effective solution that doesn’t require IT support.